this is Me
this is Dora

and together we are trying to build amazing software
Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience
Current position: Head of Software Development
Assistant professor at the {Polytechnic of Zagreb, University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica}


About me

I'm a full-stack software engineer who has experience with various enterprise systems including systems created with NodeJS, Spring, Rails and Laravel.

I also have experience with team and project management where I've managed teams with 15+ engineers and implemented SCRUM framework in development processes.

Depending on the team size, I'm trying to do as much coding as possible. It's mostly 50% of my work time - including writing unit, integration, and e2e tests.
Team management
Finding a best-fit border between company's profit, happy dev team, happy client, PM, and the sales team is the hardest part of the job. Technology is almost never the problem.
Code reviews
After having implemented static analysis software, syntax checkers and linting rules, I'm reviewing every commit before production.
I'm a big fan of automation and I'm spending a lot of project's "initial time" to prepare CI and CD software, rules, and shell scripts.
Consulting with others who are specialized in certain areas and specifying architecture, defining and predicting bottlenecks, QPS, goals, protocols, and conventions are crucial parts of a successful project.
Outside work, I'm interested in discrete mathematics (especially graph theory) and statistics.